Origin & and mission of Tribusai

This beautiful project was born while I spent hours nursing our daughter Gaia who had just been born in March 2016. I am sharing my story, my process and the original sketches of the making of Tribusai💜

Saimir, our 3-year-old son, was only 20 months at that time.
While nursing Gaia on demand 24/7, I observed Saimir so concentrated doing the works I had prepared for him on a small table in the living room.

He took his work on a wooden tray, pull out the chair and sat for a long time. This behavior inspired me, had me amused!

A month before Saimir was born, I worked as an assistant at a Montessori School for 2 years; in this beautiful school, I learned  much from all the teachers.

Due to this experience, I was able to apply the Montessori method with Saimir since he was in my womb. I also read wonderful Montessori books that taught me the philosophy and guide me in every step of the way.

During the first three months of Gaia’s life, I created in my mind new designs inspired by Saimir, observing him and enjoying his wonderful and acelerated development. I always thought, I wish there was clothing for Saimir that has a meaning, a purpose. And that idea started to take shape in my head…

One day I draw on a piece of paper everything that I had in mind step by step, All the designs and art came flowing in a very natural and organic way.  After I had around 6 designs, I searched for a graphic designer who digitalized my drawings.

We connected very well, Paola, the graphic designer was passionate about her work too, we shared pretty much the same vision.

But something was missing… a logo! I drew the logo with a pencil, collected all the important elements that represented our family.

I started with a triangle, then draw  4 lines: one for my husband, myself and each child. It was important to me to include God and our family unit, so the six diamonds are: us 4, and my husbands 2 older sons.  Each diamond has in the center a dot that symbolizes God as the center of our lifes.

The feathers represent  freedom, the freedom to be who we really are, freedom to create. The final product: a beautiful and meaningful logo that projects our love and unity.

Today we have 19 designs in total so far, we are selling our arts on aprons, magnets, shirts for adults and children, cups and more…

The Montessori philosophy is our way of life, that it why our mission is to inspire and bring to the Montessori community quality shirts, good  comfortable materials, specially for children! But most of all a meaningful message in each product.

The designs are inspired by Montessori classroom materials; for example there is an art that I love that says “Count on me” and it has the beads that children use to learn to count in the classroom.

There is also the “Earth citizen” that invites us to look at ourselves as brothers, as part of the Whole, citizens of the planet! very beautiful message, and inspired in the geography globe used in class.

Tribusai is a movement born from love!

Thanks to all those who have collaborated with this project, for their emotional support, for buying the shirts, for contributing financially to make it possible. To my husband David for believing in me, supporting me in all aspects as a husband, friend, partner.

And to our beloved spiritual teacher and guide Miosotis, who introduced me to the Montessori Philosophy! When I told her about this project she said: “Raisa, God is doing this” 🙏🏽

Love & Light,

Raisa Espinet Batista

To check out products visit us @ http://www.tribusai.com

contact: tribusai1@gmail.com

All the shared arts and images are registered and protected by copyright *

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  1. One idea, of course, not so easy to put in practice, is to go, showcase and sell your products at an annual Montessori Conference. The national one just passed but in 2019 it will take place in Washington.Love to you, my dear busy creative friend, m

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